Exercise 2: Design Practice Updated

For the this practice I selected 5 screenshots from the Pinterest App, I like the different structure and the variety of shapes in the screens.

I did the clones with Figma, since is the primary software we will be using during the Bootcamp.

The original Screenshorts:

The clones with Adobe XD:

In the process got to add some plug-ins to search for useful Icons but I actually did not find many that I needed so I draw them. I also discovered how to change objects sizes in the Inspector, because manually it normally does not fit to the desired proportion (or I still do not know how to do it). This practice was constructive in many ways since I learn how to use shortcuts, how to mask an object which I found esencial and also to use a gradient transparent filling to this masked object and how to play with the typography. In conclusion, I could manage the software faster than before.

UX / UI Designer — Textile Designer. Recreating my Yoga practice learnings to my design process.