While I am absorbing as many learnings as possible, watching webinars, listening to a podcast, and reading all about UX, design systems, Figma, and trying to step into the industry, I can say I am riding a rollercoaster of emotions.

My critical thinker is in a non-stop modus, going at…

The User type

My mom and her partner :)

Elder couple — 65–70 years old

Dani and Gaby want to visit one of the wonders or the world, Petra (Jordan), now that you’re retired. They do not want to worry about much during the trip, they would like only to enjoy, so they are looking for…

Personally a I give priority to this 5 design principles:

  1. Useful, the purpose of a design is the most important goal.
  2. Aesthetic, the user feels happier when the design is likeable.
  3. Simple, difficult principle for me, but I something not complicated is better.
  4. Conscious, would be perfect to do design…

For this challenge I used the same screens as the last exercise, the reason of this is because these have a good variation of elements. I have found the Ironhack wireframe kit totally useful for this task.

I first identify the elements that where similar or identical and then I…

For the this practice I selected 5 screenshots from the Pinterest App, I like the different structure and the variety of shapes in the screens.

I did the clones with Figma, since is the primary software we will be using during the Bootcamp.

The original Screenshorts:

The clones with Figma:

I have chosen for this project the Citymapper free app. Been a good alternative to Google Maps, the app takes you quickly and comfortably from A to B. …

In this first excise in preparation for my Ironhack Bootcamp starting in March I choosed this TED Talk about personal computing. This video is film in 1997 and Pattie Maes, a Doctor in Computer Reflection, explains how intelligent agents will interact with software ecologies in the next 50 years of…

Yanina Grunewald

UX / UI Designer — Textile Designer. Recreating my Yoga practice learnings to my design process.

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